LSI Industries

Vision System Design & Install

The Challenge

LSI, a renowned lighting systems company – producing ceiling lights, light poles, and other large lighting fixtures for construction projects – approached us with an issue: their customers were receiving packages with missing parts. The labor required to check every box, combined with human error, were working against our client. LSI needed an automated system to inspect every single box before shipping.

Our Custom Solution

We brought our client a team of engineers who developed a vision system to inspect their packages. This involved installing customized camera equipment into LSI’s packaging equipment. At the same time, an accompanying software was custom developed to understand what products need to be in what boxes, and then to prevent incorrect boxes from being sealed and transported to shipping – all without affecting production speed.

“Since purchasing the vision system, we have not had any customer complaints of missing hardware. BGR is truly a world class company.”

- Ron Makstaller, Process Engineering

The Impact for Our Client

LSI experienced a halt in customer complaints. In fact, their complaint rating dropped from 7.5% to a 0% immediately. For our client, their new vision system meant more satisfied customers and less unnecessary costs associated with replacing missing parts. Another sign of success: our client purchased an additional 4 vision systems since they implemented the first.

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